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Second Amendment

Our founders understood the importance of keeping government accountable and small.  That is the reason for the 10th amendment to the Constitution.  Those powers not specifically granted to the Federal government are reserved for the States. The right of the citizen to own and bear arms shall not be infringed. Read More



Life begins at conception and  abortion undermines those rights for those who are most vulnerable, who cannot advocate for themselves, the unborn.  It may be a choice for the mother but the child has no voice.  It is for that reason it is the government who should step in to ensure those rights are protected.  Read More

President Trump

I am an outspoken supporter of the President. He is a mold breaker. He doesn’t do the politically correct thing; he does the right thing. He keeps his promises. He doesn’t draw back when attacked, he punches back. He doesn’t apologize when the left demands it because they don’t want apologies, they want power.  Read More

Water Quality

We are making positive progress in the restoration of our water quality but can do more. The natural flow of water into the Everglades needs to be reborn. The “river of grass” must live again. These waters are the lifeblood of our tourism industry and unless we aggressively address this problem our waters and the life in them will continue to suffer. Read More


Foreign Policy

As a world power, we are a beacon of freedom. Our role and calling as a nation is to reach out to people groups who are struggling under despotic rule to offer hope...  Read More


No Sanctuary cities, no illegal entries, deport illegal aliens. While we are a country of immigrants, those that have legally entered  earned the freedom to pursue the American Dream without threat of deportation. Promoting national security starts with securing our borders and controlling the number and qualifications of those who enter. Building the wall on our southern border is essential to our national security.  Read More

National Security 

The primary responsibility of the Federal Government is to protect its citizens from foreign enemies.  A standing military force is employed to protect and defend.  Ambassadors and treaties are ratified by the Senate to aid in this process.  We finally have a President that is looking after the interests of our Country.  Read More


President Trump's policies have spurred unprecedented growth through deregulation and elimination of government mandates. He has restored consumer confidence, promoted innovation and investment and precipitated the greatest sustained growth in the history of our nation. It is so good the liberals have nothing positive to run on except character assassination.  Read More